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10.11.2008 is our first birthday…
with some picture and words about first year!

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13.02.2008. Announcing the Winner of Concourse for the Choice of Best Business Plans

emina_talic.jpgOn the solemnity held in Hotel International in Zenica, the acknowledgment and money prizes are handed to the competitors for best business idea in the competition leaded by Business Start-up Centre Zenica, and its head MSc Nino Serdarević, in previous couple of months. The ceremony was attended by Mayor of Zenica, Mr Husejin Smajlović, and the prime minister of Zenica - Doboj Canton Mr Miralem Galijašević, who addressed to the audience with an appropriate speech. Mr Husejin Smajlović and Mr Miralem Galijašević handed the awards to competitors with best business plans. As the best business plan was announced the plan of Miss Emina Talić, the graduated from UNZE. Along with her, next 20 competitors have got the right to use a paid registration and voucher for consultation services, each 2.500 € worth. Besides, 5 competitors gained a paid registration, the voucher and the possibility to use a micro – loan, and 5 best business plans gained a paid registration, voucher and a space in the business incubator BIZ. On this solemnity, UNZE has obtained too an appropriate recognition for entire help to BSC Zenica in realizing this and others programmes, and special reward is accorded to Vice - rector prof. DSc Darko Petković.

19.02.2008. Visit of SPARK Amsterdam Representative
The guest of Rector's Office and CIP UNZE on February 19, 2008, was Mr Erik Plaiser from SPARK Amsterdam with whom UNZE realises a very good cooperation. By a talk with Mr Plaiser, Vice – rector Petković, who was his host, underlined the importance of support to UNZE given by SPARK and BSC Zenica, when in question are the development of new curriculum, postgraduate studies organization, the organization of competition for best business ideas and the promotion of entrepreneurship among students population at UNZE. The talks were too about the problems encountered by UNZE, and these concerns especially the lack of informatics support and data basis for students’ services and quality system (self – evaluations, data statistical elaboration, bad data basis) which come from the lack of adequate software. SPARK promised assistance in resolving these problems.
To get informed about the state of regional entrepreneurship's field, besides the visit to Business Zone Zenica 1, in the afternoon hours another visit was organized for Mr Plaiser to Business Zone PC 96, and then to production lines of enterprises FIS, Economic and Ecos, as well as the talks with leading staff of these successful companies.
01.03.-10.03.2008. Study Visit to Technological Parks of Slovenia and Spain

The Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of UNZE was the organizer of a study visit to technological parks of Slovenia and Spain for the representatives of Ministry of Craft, Development and Entrepreneurship of B&H Federation, the Cluster of B&H Plastics Gračanica and TP Mostar (in course of establishment). During several days stay, the representatives from B&H have an opportunity to see the way of work and potentials of technological park and the city of N. Gorica, Slovenia, as well as Scientific Park Barcelona, TP Barcelona, Agro – technological Park of Lied, TP Valles, ASSCAM Cluster of Plastics, and then finally TP Girona and the city of Girona.

This visit was an excellent occasion that the representatives of B&H get acknowledged with the way of work of respectable technological parks, as well as of those already developing, and then to create some suppositions for further development in European and Bilateral projects. Complete professional organization of expert part of this visit in the name of Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship was leaded by prof. DSc Darko Petković.

06.03.2008. Talks in City of Barcelona Management Headquarter
The representatives of UNZE Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, prof. DSc Darko Petković and MSc Nino Serdarević, then of the B&H Cluster of Plastics, Mr Sead Jahić, of TP Mostar, Mr Mladen Kostić and Mr Goran Žeravčić (Kronauer Consulting Group) were on March 6, 2008, the guests of City of Barcelona Management Headquarter, (Ajuntament de Barcelona), the Office for International Cooperation, where they have talked with Mr Jordi Cortes about potential possibilities of cooperation of B&H institutions and the institutions from Barcelona City, with whom certain contacts were made.
15.03.2008. Presentation of B&H Federation Government Planed Programmes for Business Zones Development
B&H Federation Government was on March 15, 2008, the host of B&HF Cities Mayors, on the assembly organized on occasion of planed competition for the development of Business Zones in B&H Federation. The host of assembly, Minister of Federal Ministry of Craft, Entrepreneurship and Development, Mr Velimir Kunić, has presented the activities by now of this Ministry, and in this view the Secretary of Ministry, Mr Jozo Bejić gave a very good presentation of Business Zones Importance in the economy of every country. Besides two mentioned gentlemen, about this programme have spoken the representatives of Economy Chambers as well as of the ministries of Area Planning, after what a very vivid discussion followed. The representative of CIP UNZE, prof. DSc Darko Petković have spoken about the importance of special zones, technological Parks Zenica and Mostar, and then about the Cluster of Plastics Gračanica, inside of future Business Zone of Gračanica. He pleaded to Mayors that they do not devaluate this excellent idea of Ministry by applications and projects having none element for a success, and which are being cited in some new studies as prospective Business Zones. Namely, „today in B&H Federation exist only ten serious Business Zones, and by new studies more than hundred of them is projected“, which is assessed by prof. Petković as „scientifically and professionally not serious and indecent of an academic assistance to the development of economy in B&H Federation“.
20.03.2008. Guest from Japan at CIP UNZE

CIP and Rector's Office of the University of Zenica were the hosts to Mr Nori Ian from Japanese Ministry of Economy, who talked with Vice – rector for Science, Research and International Cooperation, prof. DSc Darko Petković about projects of interest for development of SME-s and Entrepreneurship in the region. Prof. Petković get the guest acquainted with important courses for entrepreneurship's development, which are studied at the faculties of UNZE, and he has informed him about PDS in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation, founding the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre, as well as about the participation of UNZE in projects of development of the Business Zones in Zenica and Vitez, and then about the Technological Park Zenica. In the name of Zenica – Doboj Canton, economy situation is presented by Mr Amir Abazović, and in the name of Zenica City Mr Suad Dizdarević spoke about the importance of Business Zone Zenica 1, the Incubator, ZEDA and other elements for stimulation the entrepreneurship. After these talks, the hosts have shown to the guest Business Zone Zenica 1, the building cite of Technological Park, and then new Plants of CIMOS Enterprise.

In the afternoon hours, prof. Petković have visited with Japanese guest and the Secretary of Federal Ministry of Craft, Development and Entrepreneurship, Mr Jozo Bejić, Business Zone of Vitez, Production Plants of Enterprises Economic and ECOS, and the building cite of new Franchise Centre of Economic Company. By a long talk with the hosts, Mr Alen Lisica, and later with Mr Anton Rajković and their collaborators, the theme was about the way of PC 96 development, the Trade Days of B&H, the production intentions of companies from Business Zone, and other important elements for entrepreneurship development.

28.03.2008. Long– Life Learning: Ended two Months Programme of Training for Wood Processing Sector
In the laboratory for technology and design in wood processing, on March 28, 2008, two months lasting course is ended for employees of wood processing sector of Middle Bosnia Region. This form of life – long learning is organized by Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the University of Zenica, which was technical and professional realisation men of all courses and training. The course is realised in cooperation with Regional Economy Community, REZ Central B&H, and Federal Ministry of Craft, Entrepreneurship and Development from Mostar.
During the course, the attendants have had an opportunity to have the lessons from the field of wood testing, CAD technologies, modern methods of designing, ergonomic aspects of designing, CNC programming, making optimal the wood processing, technical – economical analysis, making optimal the process of tool choice, modern materials in wood processing, technology of gluing and painting, testing final products, 3D scanning and of others. All who successfully made final examine have got corresponding certificates and 3 ECTS points. The lecturers were professionals from the University of Zenica (DSc Balić, MSc Alagić, MSc Lemeš, MSc Jašarević, Mr Arifović, Mr Mujkanović and others) as well as the recognized professionals from praxis (Trako E., Hasanić S., Lisica A., Heljić V., Kolašinac N., and others). Laboratory worker, Mr Kemal Arifović leaded complete practical part of the training in Laboratory and in CNC processing centre.
11.04.2008. Solemn Award of Certicates for the Participants of Course of one of Form of Lifelong Learning

In reading room of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, on April 11, 2008, solemn handing the Certificates to graduates of the course Training for Work on CNC Machines and New Production Forms, which was organized by University of Zenica as a form of lifelong learning. Namely, in a partnership with Regional Developing Agency (REZ) Zenica and Federal Ministry of Handcraft, Development and Entrepreneurship, the team of Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and of the Laboratory for Technologies and Design in Wood Processing Industry as a part of future Centre for Excellence in Wood Processing Industry. The course lasted two months and has covered the themes of importance for wood processing sector as: productin development. Technology processes optimisation, coloures and gloes, surface protection, mechanical properties of wood, modern CAD technologies and an ergonomic approach, programming basis and developed programming on CNC machines. The course was frequented by 26 persons from small – middle enterprises, as well as from big systems of whole region (Zavidovići, Zenica, Vitez, Uskoplje, Tešanj and so on) and the lecturers were more than 15 experts for different fields. At the solemnity were present, besides the hosts Rector Prof. Dr S.Ekinovića, Vice rector Prof.Dr Darko Petković and the dean of MF Prof. Dr Dušan Vukojević, the prime minister of ZDK Mr Miralem Galijašević, then the Federal Minister of Handcraft, Development and Entrepreneurship of the B&H Federation Government Mr. Velimir Kunić, who handed the certificates to the graduates about successfully ended course with 3 gained ECTS points.

11.04.2008. Visit of the Delegation of Federal Ministry of Handcraft, Development and Entrepreneurship to University of Zenica

The guests of University of Zenica (UNZE) on April 11, 2008, were the members of delegation of the Federal Ministry of Handcraft, Development and Entrepreneurship, Minister Mr Velimir Kunić and the Secretary Mr Jozo Bejić. After seeing the laboratory of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, the talks were continued in Rector’s Office of UNZE. The Rector, Full Professor Sabahudin Ekinović, get Minister Kunić acquainted with the development and growth of UNZE by now. Special talks were about the cooperation by now with this Ministry and about the participation of UNZE in Ministry concourses. Minister Kunić enhanced that UNZE is a most active member of B&H Academic Community, as far as his Ministry is in question, , and he expressed a wish to continue and broaden this cooperation. Special talks were about the project Technological Park Zenica, in which, besides UNZE, take part the City of Zenica, REZ and other partners, and enhanced was the importance of most urgent and coordinated approach to the Federal Ministry of Handcraft, Development and Entrepreneurship. Directresses of REZ (Regional Development Agency) Mrs Amela Malićbegović was present too at the meeting in UNZE Rector’s Office. For minister Kunic CIP UNZE was also presented.

18.04.2008. Promotion of Plastics and Tools Producers Cluster
On April 18, 2008, in Gračanica was held solemn promotion of starting the work of B&H Plastic and Tool Producers Cluster. In the presence of city representatives, the representatives of Universities of Zenica and Tuzla, the businessmen and journalists, the cluster was presented by Mr Sead Jahić who outlined the reasons why and needs for establishing the clusters. Mr Jahić introduced then to the audience the economy potentials of the region and of B&H in this business field. Vice rector of University of Zenica, Professor DSc Darko Petković, spoke then about the development of business zones and technological centres in Spain, Italy and Slovenia, with a possibility to similar transfer of good practice to B&H, specially enhancing experiences of business delegation of cluster who visited the cluster of Plastics Producers ASCAAM in Spain, then some technological parks and universities in this country.
22.-23. 05.2008. Second Student's Conference held: Techno - Educa 2008 - Getting the Work Posts by Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIP) of the University of Zenica has organized II student's conference Techno - Educa 2008 - Getting the Work Posts by Innovation and Entrepreneurship. On first day of conference held were the presentations of student's works in the fair presentation hall, and at noon break the present visitors were able to see poster presentations. The Conference was solemnly opened by prof. DSc Darko Petković, president of organization committee, after what the president of scientific board, Rector of the University of Zenica, professor DSc Sabahudin Ekinović and the Minister of Economy of Zenica - Doboj Canton Government Mr Fahrudin Omerhodžić, one of the conference sponsor, welcomed the participants. During all the day's work presented were more than 90 % of works, which are published in Proceeding of Works of the students and professors from Sarajevo, Zenica, Tuzla, Mostar, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Belgrade, Maribor and other  universities. 
Second day of Conference, in the framework of Fair ZEPS - Intermetal (www.zeps.com), the students had an opportunity to speak with employers about the possibilities of business engagement in the firms - participants of the Fair.  
The Conference was organized very successfully by organization committee headed by prof.dr Darko Petković and by collaborators MSc I.Alagić, MSc.S.Jašarević, MSc I.Plančić, MSc S.Lemeš, K.Sarajlić, and others.
28.-30.05.2008. Working meetings on Tempus Project "Development of Centre for Innovations and Entrepreneurship at UNZE", in Turin
Poly-technical University of Turin (Politecnico di Torino) was the host of working meetings to the participants of Tempus Project "Development of Centre for Innovations and Entrepreneurship at UNZE" in the period May 28 - 30, 2008. Besides the representatives of CIP project bearers, professor Darko Petković, DSc, MSc Nino Serdarević and MSc. Amela Ćurković, have taken the part too: the representatives of University Incubator from Koper (Slovenia), SUS Sarajevo, as well as the representatives for production systems and enterprise economy, and of I3P Incubator POLI Turin. The representatives of CIP Zenica have given the survey of realised activities in past 6 months (making the elaborate on grounding the Centre, Conference Techno - Educa 2008, training sector of SME wood processing, Entrepreneurship's academy, conference participations, promotion of the centre and so on). Professor S.Tornicasa presented in the name of host the key activities which should be done in following period, with special enhancement on planned trainings in September current. Professor Guerra has enhanced in his expose the importance of making the business plans as most important factor which should be developed by the students.
03.06.2008. Meeting in Sarajevo on potential INTERREG projects
Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIP) of the University of Zenica (UNZE) was participant of the meeting, which was organized in UNITIC Centre by the Direction of European Integration of B&H. The topic of meeting was the possibility of development of the technological parks in B&H, and the participants, besides CIP of UNZE, were the representatives of Ministry of Handcraft and Entrepreneurship of the B&H Federation Government, the SERDA Agency, the TP Mostar, the development Agency of Trebinje, the Direction for European Integrations and others. Specially remarked was the outlining of Italian guests from TP Bari, Dr Annamarie Annicchiarico, who worked in the project Solidarity for South on the projects of entrepreneurship's development in the city of Trebinje (project coordinator Mr Zoran Jakšić). During the discussion the talks were about modalities of further cooperation, especially on the development of TP Mostar, as well as about the role of CIP UNZE in the development of technological parks in B&H.
17-19.06.2008. B&H Conference on Entrepreneurship
Business-start up Centre (BSC), which is settled at University of Zenica, was the organizer of the conference on entrepreneurship, in which have taken part numerous businessmen, the representatives of academic community, governmental and non - governmental sector, foreign organisations and others. The conference was solemnly opened by the Mayor of Zenica, Mr Husejin Smajlović, after what the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Netherlands, H.E. Karel Vosskuhler has spoken to the conference participants. In the reports which followed, presented were B&H experiences in change of the regulations slowing more strong development of the entrepreneurship, the experiences in the organization of incubators work, first steps to establish the technological parks (TP-s), the demonstration of first TP in B&H, settled in Mostar, the role of ministry resorts in the development of entrepreneurship, governmental policy and measures and other interesting themes. At the end of whole day lasting work solemn handing the certificates was organized to the attendants of Entrepreneurship Academy with more than 150 participants, mostly young people from Zenica. Second day of conference was dedicated to the work in sections covering certain thematic fields of importance for the entrepreneurship. The Centre of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the University of Zenica took part in the organization of this conference as a partner of BSC Zenica. Complete organization of three days lasting happenings in Zenica was brilliantly leaded by MSc Nino Serdarević and his BSC Zenica team.
25.06.2008. Ended Second Course for Employees in Wood-Processing Sector

In the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Laboratory for Technologies and Design in wood processing industry, final examine was organized and handing the certificates to attendants of second course "Training for the work on CNC machines and new production forms", which was organized as action of lifelong learning by Centre of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the University of Zenica. Namely, in a partnership with Zenica's Regional Development Agency (REZ) and US AID, this course was based on 30 hours of teaching in laboratory and 30 hours of independent work with in total 2 ECTS points. The course was attended by 10 persons from neighbouring Small - Middle Enterprises, as well as from the systems from a broader region (Zavidovići, Zenica, Vitez, Jajce, Hadžići, and others). The certificates were handed to course attendants by Vice-Rector of the University of Zenica, Professor Darko Petković, DSc, who leaded the course, together with Mr Ismar Alagic from REZ.

15.09.2008. Presenting the Spanish Province Estremadura
In hotel "Grand" in Sarajevo, on September 15, 2008, held was one whole day lasting meeting with the representatives of Spanish province Estremadura. Organised by WUS Austria, and AECEO (Organisation for East - West cooperation) who expressed an interest for cooperation with B&H partners in some interesting fields, where it is possible to establish a cooperation, such as: trade, social economics, joint investment, education, economical development, integrations and so on. The meeting was animated by Mr Almir Kovačević, Executive Director, WUS Austria and Mr Dino Mujkić, Regional Manager BiH, WUS Austria. After introducing addressing of the host from WUS, presented was the Strategy of Cooperation with province of Estremadura (Mr Antonio Rosa, the Representative of Extremadura), the presentation of AECEO (Ms Paloma Vázquez), then the main goals of potential cooperation (Mr Miguel Bernal). In further course of one day lasting work presented were too the all B&H participants with their expectations concerning this cooperation. Among 25 participants from B&H, for the University of Zenica the part have taken vice - rector, Prof. Dr Darko Petković, director of CIP UNZE and the Dean of Faculty of Economics, Prof. Dr Dževad Zečić. Prof. Petković underlined, as specially interesting for UNZE, the projects of cooperation in the field of science and research, exchange of lecturing and student personnel, business infrastructures, them the cooperation and help of Estremadura region in effectuating the external evaluation.
24.09.2008. BSC Training - seminar "EU Project Development & Funding Opportunities"

In the period September 22-24, 2008, in hotel "Zenica", the training seminar "EU Project Development & Funding Opportunities" was held, which used to serve as a preparation for training the key actors in application procedures to EU programmes, projects and funds. The representatives of BSC centre from Zenica, Bitola, Kragujevac and Bar, and representatives of academic and governmental institutions have taken part at the seminar. The University of Zenica also participated in this seminar, both by engagement of the personnel in training and by organization activities through the work of UNZE Centre of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at this project. Complete organisation of this happening in Zenica was leaded by young and ambitious BSC Zenica team, headed by MSc Nino Serdarević.


Promotion was held of books edited by the University of Zenica (CIP Centre and Faculty of Economics) and Business Start-up Centre Zenica, under the title "Meeting of Science and Praxis", In Conference Hall of the Fair ZEPS 2008 (www.zeps.com/v2) on Tuesday, October 7, 2008, beginning at 4 p.m. . In this occasion was promoted following books:   
Quality in Higher Education: Challenges and Hesitations
authors: prof.Dr Darko Petkovic and MSc. Ibrahim Plancic
promoter: academic prof.Dr Boris Tihi
Proceedings of Works on Entrepreneurship from the conference Zenica BDC 2008
Editor: prof.Dr Darko Petković
promoter: Minister Velimir Kunić, Federal ministry of hand craft, entrepreneurship and development
Proceedings of Works from Students' Conference Techno-Educa 2008
Editor: Prof.Dr Darko Petković
promoter: Prof.Dr Dževad Zečić, Dean of Faculty of Economics
Proceedings of Works from International Conference TMT 2008, Istanbul, August 2008
Editor: J.Vivancos, S.Yalcin, S.Ekinović
promoter: Prof.Dr Sabahudin Ekinovic


University of Zenica, represented by Centre of Innovation and his director prof. DSc Darko Petković, was participant of international conference  "Advancing Innovation in ECA 2008: Role of Business Incubators in Innovation Development in Small and Medium Sized Towns-International Conference and Workshop" organized and held by Ministry of Development of Russian Federation, by Tambov Region, World Bank, State Universities Tambov and Lomonosov-Moscow, then by the Net of Incubators and Technological Parks JIEiA (www.ecabit.org). During three days lasting work of conference, there were talks about the development of entrepreneurship, technological parks, business incubators and other forms of entrepreneurship development, out of South Eastern Europe and Asia Countries megalopolis (JIEiA). As the representative of B&H at this conference, professor Petković presented actual level of the B&H Business Infrastructure development, with special enhancement on planned development of Technological Parks in B&H cities Mostar and Zenica. During the conference, by video-link, at this conference present were the representatives of World Bank from Washington, of the Direction CeBIT from Romania and others, but especially noted was introduction exposé of UN ECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe... www.unece.org) representative from Geneve, Mr Ralph Heinrich (www.uncec.org). The conference was attended by the representatives of more than 20 countries JIEiA (Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Byelorussia, Armenia, Kirgizia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina and others), then the representatives of Switzerland, Germany, America, France and other countries.

27.10.2008. External Evaluation of the Cooperation UNZE - BSC Zenica
Business Start-up Centre, which is located in the building of Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials have very developed cooperation, established immediately at the beginning of this project of Netherland's Government and B&H partner from Zenica. For the purpose of external evaluation of the effects of this cooperation, the guest of UNZE were Alberto Gomez from Spain and Erol Mujkanović from Recognita Company, who, during the talks with Vice rector Petković, have evaluated the effects of common projects and future activities of UNZE and BSC.